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Quality Post Procedural Care to Speed Up Patient Recovery and Prevent Hospital Readmission

After undergoing a medical procedure, the last thing you or your loved one would want is to readmit to the hospital — because hospital stays are costly and emotionally taxing, especially when you have just had a medical procedure. However, statistics show that one in five patients is rehospitalized within the first 30 days of getting discharged, and nearly 75% of these readmissions can be prevented with post-procedural or transitional care.

How an Aging Life Care Manager Can Reduce Hospital Readmissions?

After a surgical procedure, regardless of its nature, the patient needs extensive care along with recovery and rehabilitation programs. Proper and comprehensive aftercare is crucial not only for a quick recovery but also to reduce readmission. If during the recovery, the patient is left to take care of themselves and carries out daily living activities, it is likely to increase the stress and pressure on their already wounded body, which may lead to rehospitalization and another costly surgical operation.

An Aging Life Care Manager understands the needs of post-surgical patients and knows how to best take care of them. After coordinating with you and your medical provider, he creates a comprehensive Post Procedural Care program to ensure a safer and smoother transition until the patient is fully recovered and completely safe from another readmission. In most cases, getting help from an aging life care manager is the best readmission solution.

Post Procedural Care by Transitional Care Services

Our Post-Procedural Care program includes, but not limited to:

  • Round-the-clock home care and assistance with all the daily living activities
  • Client and home safety assessment to reduce the risk of slips and falls
  • Customized and individualized care plan to speed up recovery at home
  • Escort and transportation to hospital appointments to save you transportation hassles
  • Daily living and personal care assistance to help you remain in the best of health
  • Housekeeping and homemaking to keep you comfortable and independent
  • Coordination of care with caregivers, family members, and medical provider

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