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Why use Transitional Care Services?

All to often there is not a smooth transition to home and the Care Recipient looses much of what they gained in their recovery and in many cases are readmitted. Getting things on track in a very smooth transition from the facility to home is critical in the process of dramatically increasing the chances of a better and faster recovery.

Transitional Care Service will not only help make for a smooth transition to home but will contribute to reducing adverse events, unnecessary return visits to the hospital and provide the needed knowledge to personally manage their own self-directed care.

How do I know if I need “Transitional Care Services”?

If you say no to any of the below questions you might want to consider using our Transitional Care Services.

  • Are you prepared for the transition to home?
  • Do you have some one that will coordinate the transition from where the facility care stops and where your self-directed care takes over?
  • Do you have some one to take you home?
  • Do you have your place safe and ready for your arrival?
  • Do you have some one to orientate and educate the family and caregivers upon your arrival?
  • Do you have the needed medications, supplies and equipment on hand to continue on with your care?
  • Do you have the knowledge to manage your care?

Our Transitional Care Services provides all of the above for you and more.

What does it cost?

The overall costs will vary depending upon condition of the patient, logistic to the home and the parts of the service requested and how much help from family and friends. The Transitional Care Manager costs $75- 85 per hour on average.  There maybe other expenses; medication, equipment, supplies, and home modifications that are not included.  Give us a call today and lets us help prepare you for the transition home.  800 295-2065

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