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Mobile Registered Nurses

Meet Your Medical Needs at Home With Trained and Certified Mobile Nurses

Transitional Care Services provides certified mobile registered nurses to offer quality medical care to those who wish to remain in the comfort and safety of their homes. Our uber nurses are highly trained and qualified to take care of your specific medical needs and adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards possible.

With our uber nurses by your side, you will never have to leave your home to get medical care or go to a nursing care or long-term care facility. They will coordinate with you and your medical provider to know about your health and medical needs, and based on that, will prepare a medical care plan to ensure that you receive the much-needed care without budging an inch.

How Our On-Demand Mobile Nurses Help

Our mobile nurses are trained and certified to perform the following medical tasks at home:

  • Administering medications, such as injection, eye drops, topical medications, etc.
  • Colostomy care and urinary catheter maintenance
  • Providing medical treatment and care for a range of health conditions, including diabetes, tracheotomy, respiratory, injuries, and others
  • Providing medical therapies to the elderly, chronically ill, disabled, and cognitively impaired
  • Offering post-procedural care
  • Monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen level

With our “On-Demand” platform, you have access to highly trained and licensed uber nurses who provide the highest level of medical assistance to people aging or recovering in place.

If you or your loved one needs medical care at home, feel free to use our “On-Demand” Platform or get in touch with us.

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