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Complete Home Care Services to Help Your Recover in Place Safely and Quickly

Recovering in place after a surgical procedure requires not only quality home care and extensive rehabilitation programs but also additional home services to make the home safe and functional for the patient. To ensure that you or your loved one heals or recovers safely, quickly, and comfortably at home, we provide individualized home services. We have the best professionals who know all the nitty-gritty of making any home safer and more accessible for people aging or recovering in place post-procedure.

This is the current list of Home Care Services that we offer through our service platform:

Home Safety and Aids Inspection

When you are recovering from surgery, you have to be extra careful when moving in and around the home. Even a slip or fall, which may otherwise be insignificant, can become a reason for your readmission. To reduce the risk of injuries at home, including minor slips and falls, and to ensure you remain safe while recovering, we send experts to your home who, after a thorough examination, determine the level of home safety and potential risks, if any.

Home Modifications

Once we figure out what needs to be done inside your home to help you remain safe, we may make the necessary home modifications that help improve mobility and reduce the risk of injuries.

Home Cleaning Services

An untidy or cluttered home sets the stage for slips, trips, and falls, especially for those aging or healing in place. To make sure you don’t trip over on a rug or uneven surface or fall because of the greasy floor, we send home care cleaning experts to your home who declutter the space to provide you with safe passage and keep every corner of your home spick and span.

Home Organizing Services

When recovering or aging in place, you may want to move as little as possible. To help you with that, we provide home organizing services to organize your home best suited to your needs and comfort.

Home Health services

Our home care experts know who to take the best care of a recovery patient’s needs, both medical and personal.

Hospice Services

We also provide personalized hospice services to improve the quality of life and reduce the pain and suffering of terminally-ill patients.

Emergency Preparedness Services

To help patients and seniors aging in place cope with emergencies effectively and safely, we provide Emergency Preparedness Services.

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