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Home Safety & Aids Inspection

One of the key reasons for having a home safety and aids inspection is quite often the reason a person is in the hospital was for an unhealthy or unsafe condition in the home. Also, their conditions change and therefore there may need to be changes and modifications to adjust to those changes.

Accidents are the fifth leading cause of death for elders, not to mention all the additional injuries and complications arising from accidents. Half the deaths are due to falls, and over 75% of those falls are due to causes that could have been prevented!

With that in mind if you do not hire a professional through our s3rvice platform to do the Home Safety and Aids Inspection we recommend that you use our forms on the website and do one yourself.

Make Your Home Safer for Seniors and Patients with Home Safety and Aid Check

More than 3 million seniors are hospitalized every year because of a fall at home, and nearly 17% of in-home recovering patients are rehospitalized as a result of fall-related trauma or injury each year. These accidents often result from misplaced objects, uneven surfaces, poor lighting, unstable furniture, and many other reasons. However, they can be prevented with home safety and aid inspection, ensuring complete mobility, independence, and speedy recovery of aging seniors and recovering patients.

Home safety and aid inspection helps families and caretakers of aging seniors and recovering patients to reduce falls risk, prevent injury, and ensure their independence at home. It aims to provide seniors and recovering patients with a safer home environment that effectively meets their new health and living needs.

How Home Safety and Aides Check help?

By hiring a professional for home safety and aid inspection, you can significantly reduce the risk of slips and falls for your aging or recovering loved one and improve their quality of life. Here’s how it works:

  • You hire a home safety professional through our “on-demand” platform
  • The professional visits your home the same day
  • They listen to your safety concerns, understand your new health and medical needs to create a home safety plan
  • They carefully inspect your home and look for signs that may threaten your loved one’s safety and recovery
  • They make adjustments to your home, such as furniture arrangements, replacement of rugs, etc., to address those safety concerns
  • They specify whether some mobility aids will be required or not, depending on your mobility needs
  • They ensure everything is put in place so that the elderly or patients’ safety is not compromised in any way possible.

If you or your loved one is aging or recovering in place, call home safety and aid check professionals through our service platform and make your home a safer place today.

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