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Home Modification Services

Complete Home Modification Services to Help Your Loved One Stay Safe and Independent

After a home safety and aid inspection, home safety professionals may suggest some improvements, modifications, and repairs in your home to help the care recipient maintain their independence and prevent injury. The next step involves calling Home Modification & Maintenance professionals who make sure that all those recommended changes take place in your home and your loved one has a safer environment to spend their later life or recover quickly.

With our “On-Demand” service platform, you have access to experienced and reputable Home Modification Services that perform a range of home modifications best-suited to your loved one’s needs. They will visit your home the same day and finish the necessary adjustments in as little time as possible so that your loved one can get back to their daily life safely and quickly.

How our Home Modifications Experts Help

Depending on your home safety and aid assessment, home modification professionals help in these ways:

  • They make simple, small changes, such as replacing door knobs with pull hands, install handrails, etc. to help your loved one remain comfortable and independent at home.
  • They make the much-needed structural changes, such as installing a wheelchair ramp, stairlifts, ceiling lift, or widening doorways, and others, to reduce the risk of slips and falls for the care recipient.
  • They repair and replace all those areas in your home that may put your loved one’s safety at risk, such as slippery flooring, stairs, etc.
  • They install medical alert systems in your home so that you or the caregiver can respond quickly should there arise a medical emergency.

If you are looking for home modifications and maintenance services to make your home safer for your aging senior or recovering patient, feel free to use our “On-Demand” platform to book a service.


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