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Ways To Help A Senior Loved One Recover From A Stroke - Transitional Care Services - Hospital-to-Home Care services - Canoga Park, California

Ways To Help A Senior Loved One Recover From A Stroke

If a senior loved one was admitted to a hospital after suffering from a stroke, it’s crucial for them to follow a multi-step recovery and rehabilitation plan after returning home. In the absence of a solid, comprehensive plan, they may suffer from numerous complications in the long run. These can be prevented if they receive the right care and make a few changes to their lifestyle. Here are a few suggestions for the same:

Have the right health care professionals by your side
Your senior loved one requires medical intervention over a long period of time after undergoing treatment for stroke. This includes, but is not restricted to physical therapists, RNs, speech therapists, and other allied health care professionals.

Amid this pandemic, going to a recovery center regularly may not be recommended, especially if the senior patient is immunocompromised. In such cases, make sure that you get in touch with Transitional Care Services so that they can get access to medical care from within the comfort of their home.

Maintain a healthy diet
Seniors often have to make drastic changes to their diet to reduce the chances of suffering from a stroke again. After returning from the hospital, they may have to stick to a liquid or soft food diet. They need a nutritious diet to speed up the recovery process and keep secondary health problems at bay.

Make sure that you stock up their fridge and pantry with food options as recommended by their health care professional. If they don’t have the strength for meal preps, then consider hiring a health care aide to look after their cooking and nutritional needs.

Get professional help
Your aging loved one may require assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming and other household chores. To ensure that they do not have to worry about these things, reach out to home care aides.

If 24/7 care is available, the recuperating senior can get much-needed rest. More importantly, having someone to assist them in daily tasks will reduce the risk of falls and injuries.

Physical exercise is important
Stroke survivors are advised to start physical therapy as soon as they are discharged from the hospital to enhance their quality of life. Proper exercise at home will help to strengthen their muscles and boost their overall health. This will be instrumental in preventing the recurrence of strokes in the near future.

With the assistance of efficient post-procedural care service providers, your senior loved one will be able to lead a healthier life. We will assist you in finding the right services for them and educate you regarding what to expect after making the transition from the hospital to the home. To know more about our transitional care services and post-procedural care plans, get in touch with us today.

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