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Four Types of Home Modification Assistance for seniors

Four Types of Home Modification Assistance for seniors

Many seniors aging in place and those recovering from an injury or illness decide to modify their home suiting to their emerging needs to comfortably age in place and prevent injuries. However, seldom do they get it done either because of poor mobility or lack of finances considering little to no available income sources in old age. Fortunately, some organizations, mainly the federal government, provide some form of assistance to seniors who wish to make changes in their home, be those as simple as updating doorknobs or installing a stairlift, or any other.

Here are the four types of home modification assistance you may get if you wish to modify your home:

Low-Interest Loans: many organizations, usually governmental, provide low-interest loans to seniors for home modifications or in other cases, guarantee loans so that lenders are less restrictive with their requirements for lending money. Since these are loans, they need to be repaid by the elderly.

Home Improvement Grants: home improvement grants are typically one-time and available only for home-improvement purposes. However, the good part is that they need not be repaid.

Free Labor: while many may think of home modification assistance as financial, free labor is another form of assistance provided to seniors for home improvements to meet their aging and recovery challenges. This type of help is commonly offered by nonprofit organizations and charities. However, it’s to keep in mind that it only covers labor, not the material or equipment used for modifications.

Equipment loans: many organizations provide free, long-term loans of home modification equipment such as a wheelchair ramp or stairlift. This type of loan need not be repaired unless the borrower is moving out of their home or no longer requires the borrowed equipment.

Final Note
While home modification to age in place comfortably and avoid injuries is an excellent decision, it requires some form of assistance, be it financial or physical.

If you want to modify your home to address your aging or recovery challenges, we will help you. Our team will come to your home and do a home safety and aids assessment specific to your needs. Once it’s done, it will recommend improvements, modifications, and repairs, if necessary, to maintain your independence and prevent accidents.

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