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Common Hazards To A Senior’s Well-Being At Home

Common Hazards To A Senior’s Well-Being At Home

Seniors, aging parents, and people with disability issues feel comfortable in familiar surroundings; they do not prefer living in nursing facilities. This calls for appropriate changes in the house so that seniors or elderly patients continue to live happily in their usual space without feeling a lack of safety aids, which are provided in nursing facilities. That is why home safety and aides check is of utmost importance for seniors to live in their house without any danger. Below are some of the common potential threats to a senior’s well-being in his/her house.


A senior, who is healthy and mobile, can get injured due to a fall. It is important that all the potential tripping hazards are taken care of. Having shoes, clothes, toys, and other items loosely spread on the floor can cause seniors to fall as they no longer have the strength to balance themselves even if shaken lightly. If a senior loved one living in home isn’t overly concerned with keeping the floor free of loosely placed items, it is even more so important to frequently check the accumulated clutter.

Along with keeping the floor free of loosely placed items, it is also required to keep the floor free of throw rugs and in even state.

Cables and Wires

Another important thing to look out for in order to keep a senior from tripping is wire or cables. You do not want computer cables, television cables, lamp cords, and extension cords to make your loved one trip. It is best to coil these cords, or place them near the wall using cord organizers so that the walkway is free of any tripping hazard. Call an electrician if additional outlets are a must.

Insufficient Lighting

Having properly lit spaces where the seniors frequently move to and fro in the house is a necessity. Aging parents find it difficult to move though dimly lit areas of the house. That is why bulbs need to be replaced as soon as they are burnt out. It is vital to have a light switch both at the top and bottom of the stairs so that seniors do not have to fearfully move up or down without an illuminated path. The most important lighting space is between the bedroom and the bathroom. This particular area needs to be properly lit as seniors often use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Having lights that turn on automatically will prove extremely beneficial for the seniors.

Difficulty In Accessing Items

Seniors should not be struggling to reach items that they need. Climbing or bending to get things in the house can possibly result in serious harm to a senior. Properly designed cabins, drawers, and other structures are needed, which are easily accessible to the seniors. A senior should never have to assume an awkward posture to gain access to necessary items.

Bathroom Hazards

Bathroom is a place where falls are bound to happen if precaution is not taken, especially for senior members of the family. Having non-slip mats, grab bars and nails, and curbless showers can help a senior feel confident in the bathroom.

Transitional Care Services can provide you with a professional who will assess your loved one’s medical condition and physical health, inspect your house’s interior, and recommend appropriate additions and alterations in the house.

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