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Can Transitional Care Management Help Reduce Hospital Costs? - Transitional Care Services - Hospital-to-Home Care services - Canoga Park, California

Can Transitional Care Management Help Reduce Hospital Costs?

The aging population in America presents a serious challenge and demands realigning the current healthcare system and care management to treat older adults with critical medical conditions. This group of patients generally have multiple health problems and mobility issues, plus they are at a higher risk of poor health outcomes once they get discharged from hospitals and moved into their place of residence. For this reason, they generally need frequent admissions to hospitals. However, hospital readmissions among older adults with critical care needs can be addressed with transitional care.

What is Transitional Care?

Transitional care is a care model that involves a transitional care nurse, a care manager, and a coordinator to ensure that the patients recover successfully and quickly once they get home from the hospital. It primarily focuses on older adults with complex medical conditions and emphasizes health education among this age group, self-management, and care coordination that are nurse-led. However, it also stresses the importance of treating patients with unresolved medical conditions at the hospital before discharging them home. This is because patients with unresolved medical conditions will have to be referred back to the hospital sooner or later, resulting in increased hospital expenses and rehospitalization.

How Transitional Care Management Helps in Reduce Hospital Costs

Transitional care employs a team that comprises a transitional care nurse, physician, therapist, and care coordinator to deliver comprehensive care to older adults at home. Earlier findings suggest that this type of home-based care to older patients can help reduce not only hospital readmissions but also inpatient stay and emergency visits to physicians. With a reduction in hospital readmission and inpatient stay, TC not only helps patients to recover fully in the comfort of home but also saves them crushing hospital costs.

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