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4 Necessary Home Modifications When Living With Seniors - Transitional Care Services - Hospital-to-Home Care services - Canoga Park, California

4 Necessary Home Modifications When Living With Seniors

As much as 90% of elderly people prefer living in their own homes while they age. When you’re living with a senior or an aging parent, it’s essential to make modifications to make it easier for them to age in place. If you’re wondering the most popular home modifications for seniors to make their aging in a place convenient and comfortable, read the given list that we have created for you.

Probably the most important and preferred home modifications for seniors is a stairlift. Climbing staircase often feels like climbing mountains to most elderly people due to muscle weakness and instability. When your house has ample space and you’re ready to go beyond your budget, consider installing an elevator that makes mobility super-easy.

Grab Bars
Grab bars and safety rails make the bathroom safer for elderly people. You can get grab bars installed next to the toilet and on the bathtub, and safety frames on the commode. These modifications allow seniors to walk within the bathroom without the fear of slipping and falling. Bathroom safety grab bars and rails are especially required for elderly people who are unsteady on their feet and have trouble with balance.

Walk-in Bathtubs
Climbing in and out of the bathtub isn’t like walking in a park for elderly people. To prevent accidents and falls, consider installing a walk-in bathtub that solves one of their shower challenges. Besides convenience, walk-in bathtubs offer features like a quick drain. Even you can explore other bathroom modification options like a combination of walk-in shower and tub.

Automated Blinds
Operating blinds can be difficult for seniors. To solve this problem, consider installing automated or motorized blinds that can be controlled via a remote. This allows seniors to control blinds without leaving their place, reaching across furniture, or bending low or reaching up high to make required adjustments.

To prevent accidents and promote seniors to live independently at their own homes, connect with Transitional care services that offer home safety and aid assessment to make necessary home modifications and adjustments.

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