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Four Types of Home Modification Assistance for seniors

Many seniors aging in place and those recovering from an injury or illness decide to modify their home suiting to their emerging needs to comfortably age in place and prevent injuries. However, seldom do they get it done either because of poor mobility or lack of finances considering little to no available income sources in old age. Fortunately, some organizations, mainly the federal government, provide some form of assistance to seniors who wish to make changes in their home, be those as simple as updating doorknobs or installing a stairlift, or any other. Continue reading “Four Types of Home Modification Assistance for seniors” »

Emergency Preparedness Tips for Families with Senior Members

While it is ideal for everyone to have an emergency plan in place to effectively and safely deal with natural disasters, it is even more important for seniors and individuals who have mobility issues to be well prepared for emergency situations. It is essential for seniors to build connections and look for support networks so that when critical situations arise, they know where to seek help. That is why emergency preparedness becomes of utmost importance. Below are some guidelines for you to be better equipped to deal with dangerous situations. Continue reading “Emergency Preparedness Tips for Families with Senior Members” »

3 Signs That Tell You Need Transitional Care Services

Many people find hospital-to-home transition stressful because of the associated risk of readmission. Almost 1 out of 5 patients re-hospitalized within 30 days of being discharged from hospitals, reveal statistics. And not to forget the crushing cost of hospitalization, with or without insurance, that often paralyzes the financial wheel of a family. However, you can avoid readmission and have a smooth transition from hospital-to-home with the help of transitional care services. But when to call in the experts can be tricky to know. Continue reading “3 Signs That Tell You Need Transitional Care Services” »

Common Hazards To A Senior’s Well-Being At Home

Seniors, aging parents, and people with disability issues feel comfortable in familiar surroundings; they do not prefer living in nursing facilities. This calls for appropriate changes in the house so that seniors or elderly patients continue to live happily in their usual space without feeling a lack of safety aids, which are provided in nursing facilities. That is why home safety and aides check is of utmost importance for seniors to live in their house without any danger. Below are some of the common potential threats to a senior’s well-being in his/her house. Continue reading “Common Hazards To A Senior’s Well-Being At Home” »

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