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The transition from hospital care to home care can be one of the biggest challenges to the road of full recovery. Imagine having to deal with post-discharge instructions, prescriptions, to-do lists, lifestyle and home modifications, etc., on top of worrying about bills and making sure that you are sufficiently supplied with medications and are properly taking them as scheduled, just right after you were confined in a facility or have undergone a painful and traumatic surgery. The stress of it all, itself, is enough to send you back to the E.R.

With our comprehensive and specially designed transition program we ease the burden of you or your family members by arranging for all the care necessary from a post-hospital discharge. From delivering the patient home safely to assessing the home safety and environmental conditions, we make sure that they have a safe transition. We will also integrate an innovative and effective system to improve their medication adherence and make sure that any expired and discontinued medications are disposed before they can cause any health issues. Together with the patient, the immediate family members, and their caregivers, and our Transitional Care Managers we will come up with a customized and effective post-discharge plan in order to attain a successful and healthy transition.

Our services are categorized into two main programs, namely:

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