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Welcome to Transitional Care Services

Transitional Care Services

elderly couple talking with a doctorHospitalizations can be very costly and, as much as possible, you probably want to avoid getting yourself or your loved ones hospitalized one more time after another. However, the transition from hospital care to home care doesn’t come as desirably smooth for most patients. Patients, especially elderly people, are in one of their most vulnerable states right after getting discharged from the hospital and, without proper care and transition to home care, more expensive yet completely avoidable re-hospitalizations wouldn’t be far off.

To help address this issue we have been developing an effective and comprehensive hospital-to-home transition program that should significantly decrease a patient’s chances of re-hospitalization. We will ensure that their general health and well-being will be specially attended and highly improved over the course of the care program. From delivering your loved ones safely at home to making sure that they are accomplishing every discharge orders and prescriptions – call us for services at 800-395-2065.

elderly man in wheelchair with his care giver

Our Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing assistance and care in order to create a smoother transition to home and to those recovering from a post procedure.

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